Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Wedding!

After lots of preparations, we finally reached the most important even in our lives: The Wedding Day! There are so many activities on the day that at the end of it, everything was a blur :)

Me doing my make-up in the early morning.

My beautiful sisters! Really appreciate all their help.

The bridegroom and his band of brothers.

They were made to part with the money... Haha.

There were lots of good food. You can tell how good they are from my smile :)

On the way to the bridegroom's place.

Family photo :)

Family photo after changing of gown..

I was very nervous before the solemnisation. It was my dad who assured me...

My sis and me.

My mind was blank during the march in... I can only recall reminding myself not to trip :p

The two pretty and young mothers...

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