Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wedding Photo Shots

We went to a studio to take some wedding photos. It was a full day affair, we started with indoor first, followed by outdoor. By the end of the day, we were really exhausted!

We had to sift through the hundreds of photos and to choose 30. I was adamant in not choosing more than what the package allowed because it would really be very expensive and I think it is pointless. Honestly, the photo album has ended up in the store room somewhere... How many times do we really take it out?

This is one of the outdoor places, the camera man recommended coming to one of the outskirts of SG, where the lalang plants are taller than me!

We literally had to cut a path to walk through and even though we seemed comfortable in the surroundings, we were not! Haha... It was a hot day and with my gown, it was not easy to cut through the lalang.

I like the feel of this photo, as though we are meeting secretly haha...

Vin chose this photo. He said it feels like we are looking towards the future...

We were by a beach, smiling happily.

This is one of our favourites, the scenery was taken beautifully, although we are a bit small to be seen hee...

This shot captured us in a very romantic atmosphere. I recalled when we took this, it was kind of funny and ticklish, not romantic!

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