Friday, 19 March 2010

Japan Honeymoon (Part 1 - Kyoto)

We decided to go to Japan as Hong Kong is just 4 hours away, as compared to SG, which is 8 hours away. Friends and relatives who have been to Japan are always raving about how fun it is! We decided to go for a free and easy 11 day holiday.

My HK friends all recommended Kyoto as a must go destination, and I wanted to go to Tokyo too. Hence, we decided to plan a route from HK -> Osaka -> Kyoto -> Mt Fuji -> Tokyo -> HK. Of course, I wanted to try the Onsen, Japanese hot spring. So for that, I booked the most expensive hotel that we had ever stayed in our lives, and we got our own private onsen, overlooking Mt Fuji!

Train to Kyoto from the Kansai Airport.

Our hotel in Kyoto.

Honestly, after 5 nights of sleeping on the tatami mats, I was ready to call it quits... I had backache!

The Kyoto Tower... We went up and were able to see the full view of Kyoto.

Hotel breakfast that costs us $50 SGD each! Felt a bit cheated and decided to go find our own breakfast from then on.

Fabulous lunch! I really love the food in Japan. But Vin got sick of it after a few days...

The sceneries in Japan never fail to impress us.

There are many temples in Kyoto and we tried our best to visit all the famous ones. Looking out from the rooms where the monks meditate, the scenery is always the most beautiful and serene...

On the top of the stairs is a shrine, famous for blessing marriages. After we walked down, I "sent" Vin to go get an amulet for my sister and he was happily waving it when he walked down.

I'm really impressed with this. A monk will tidy up this structure, made of gravel... But where are his footsteps?

Makes me hungry every time I look at all these beautiful food pics!

I considered it a pity that we only bought the DSLR after this trip!

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