Friday, 19 March 2010

Japan Honeymoon (Part 3 - Tokyo)

Kyoto is amazing with its temples, sceneries and when you go shop around, they have very exquisite stuff. As for food, you can see that a lot of effort is put in to make the dishes look very pretty.

As for Mt Fuji, it is really a very beautiful, close to nature kind of place. Next stop, Tokyo, is actually just like any other cities e.g. HK and SG. Full of high rise buildings and high tech stuff. There are still some shrines around the city though...

There are some pretty sights, shrines and parks in the city.

Impressive toilets!

We went to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Look at the huge tunas!

The sushi were freshly made, on the spot. I have never tasted such great sushi before!!!

Beautiful cakes! And of course they taste great :)

One of the shrines in Tokyo.

This place has lots of stores selling desserts.

One of the desserts we tried.

More fabulous desserts!

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