Friday, 19 March 2010

Japan Honeymoon (Part 2 - Mt Fuji)

On the 6th day of our trip, we travelled to Mt Fuji, to stay a night in the expensive hotel. It was a really short stay and I think it would be fun if we can explore this area more... Maybe the next time round when we have more time and didn't book such an expensive hotel :)

Took the bullet train

Finally reached Mt Fuji area after a long day travel of trains and buses.

I was in charge of planning where to visit and where to stay. Vin was in charge of finding out how to get there.

Very sumptuous dinner!

The first time I saw crabs in miso soup!

You can see the private onsen, which is a tub at the bottom of the picture... The spring water came from Mt Fuji and you can see the snow-capped Mt Fuji when you are soaking in the onsen! Really heavenly kind of feeling. However, Vin wasted it... After 15 mins in the tub, he told he has had enough and never went in again!!!

Another yummy breakfast!

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