Friday, 19 March 2010

Hong Kong

After we came to Hong Kong, we led a more idyllic life together. Of course, I miss my family, friends and food in Singapore terribly... But I think it was a great experience, teaching us how to be independent and to spend lots of quality time together, as a married couple. I think this is important in building up a base for a strong marriage in years to come...

I started blogging on the various recipes that I have tried and you can find my thoughts on living in HK here. Most of the time in HK, I'm a housewife. It is definitely not a Tai Tai life as I need to do housework and cook hee... We also bought our second house and houses in HK is really much more expensive than in SG. The HK house is 1/4 the size of the SG house but twice more expensive!

I used to not understand how people can live in a really tiny house but once we moved in, I realised that it can really happen, as long as we are innovative and creative in utilizing the space. And I fell in love with my tiny kitchen. There is just sufficient space for everything to fit in and a work area... Tiny kitchen means everything is within reach easily and cleaning up is a pleasure :)

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