Saturday, 1 May 2010

Ayden and his Swing

As we enter the second month of parenthood, it becomes apparent that taking care of a newborn is no easy nor simple task! As I'm breastfeeding Ayden, he wakes up for a feed every 2 hours in the day, and about 3 hours at night. When times are tough, he wakes up every 2 hours at night too. And 2 hours is counted from the time he starts to feed i.e. He wakes up, cries for milk, I change him, I feed him for 40 mins and lull him back to sleep... All these would take 1 hour already, and then if I'm lucky, he takes a nap for an hour and then the cycle repeats again.

Hence, I only have an hour to decide to take a nap, to have lunch or dinner, to do some household stuff, to go online or to bathe! One day, I decided to sacrifice my nap time and ended up with breast inflammation, and had a fever of 38+ degrees. The chills and body aches were killing me... It got so bad that I was in a shower in the middle of the night, with the water at 45 degrees. Luckily, I felt much better after a rest and I didn't need any antibiotics to recover.

If Ayden doesn't take a nap, I will be stuck carrying him and walking around... He will cry of boredom if I just let him lie on the bed. Hence, we decided to invest in a swing or bouncer! Found this perfect one, which is a 2 in 1.

Ayden and his Swing

Ayden enjoying his new Swing

Ayden asking to be carried and fed.

Well, I guess it will take awhile for him to learn and enjoy his new toy!

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