Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ayden in his "Rolls Royce"

We have a Peg Perego stroller, that looks very impressive and sturdy but it is very heavy. Since HK is full of slopes and stairs, we didn't take it out of the box. However, Ayden is getting heavy. He is 5.7kg and he's only 7 weeks old! It is quite a hassle to carry him and shop around.

I found out that the stroller can be used without the infant seat, for babies above 1 month old. So we happily took the stroller out of its box... And found that it has a missing seat belt part! Of course, Ayden doesn't know how to really move around yet, so it is quite safe on smooth horizontal floor.

We decided to put Ayden in and see his reaction :)

As to why is it called a "Rolls Royce"... I was telling Vin that we should get a new lighter stroller since we do not have a car to transport this heavy stroller around. He claims that Ayden is very happy in his "Rolls Royce" and we shouldn't downgrade it for him. Of course, Vin just doesn't want to spend money on another stroller...

Ayden does really look happy in his stroller.

Another shot of Ayden being pushed around by his dad.

However, I can't tell who is happier... Ayden, who is sitting in his new toy or Vin, who is happily pushing him around our tiny house :)

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