Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ayden's Full Moon Celebration

Yesterday was Ayden's full moon. We had him decked out in an "Ernie" lookalike shirt and elephant socks! We also had a cake specially for this occasion, his very first cake. Of course, he can't taste it yet :p

Ayden's look for the day.

"Ernie" shirt, courtesy of Uncle Tim.

Elephant socks! Can use as a toy too. Ayden likes to look at the elephant.

Family photo! :) We waited till 7pm when Ayden was awake to take photos.

Daddy with Ayden.

Mummy with Ayden.

Grandma, Mummy and Ayden.

For a baby's full moon, the tradition is to shave off the baby's head. By doing this, the hair will be re-grown more evenly. However, since Ayden has a head full of hair, we decided not to do it but to only snip off a few strands at the back. According to my aunt, by putting the hair into a red packet, when the baby is throwing tantrums, we can place the red packet under his pillow and he will behave!

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