Thursday, 13 May 2010

Third Wedding Anniversary

It feels like Vin and I have been married for ages, rather than just the third year. I guess it is because we are really comfortable being married together and we have been through so much... It seems like a lifetime ago when we were just new lovers...

This is the first wedding anniversary that includes our new family member - Ayden. But also, because of him, we could not really celebrate properly. The least I can do is prepare a nice dinner. Normally, I only prepare western style meals on special occasions. Lesson learnt: Should finish preparing dinner before 6pm when Ayden turns fussy... He will not drink his milk properly, will not sit quietly in his swing, only wants me to carry and walk him around the house. And most of the time, I have to do it for 2 hours at least! I had to wait for Vin to be back to carry him, before I can finish preparing the meal.

This is what I had prepared - a main course and a soup.

The main dish is black pepper chicken chop, with some vegetables and pan-fried potatoes.

This is cream of mushroom soup, with some cream and croutons.

And for dessert, Vin bought a great fruit cake from Cova :) Besides celebrating our third anniversary, this cake was meant to celebrate Vin's birthday as well...

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