Thursday, 22 July 2010

Back to SG!

Bringing Ayden back to Singapore is a tough logistic operation. Well... I guess all the hard work is worthwhile when relatives and friends are happy to meet him, and he is very happy to meet them too!

A day before the trip back, I was down with flu. So I was testing if Ayden can wear a child-size mask. Haha... His nose bridge was too small to support it but he really looks cute in it!

Ayden was an angel on the airport express train to the airport. We bought him a pacifier strap for his pacifier but it was just for show. He doesn't like pacifiers!

When we reached the airport, we placed him in his stroller. Love his cute expression in this!

The ascent in the plane was not a problem but when we started to descent, Ayden cried and cried. Refused to breastfeed, refused to drink from bottle. Vin had to squeeze some milk from the bottle into his mouth and he was forced to swallow, and he was all right after that. It was quite a nightmare! However, on the plane ride back to HK, he was all right with the descent. I guess it all depends on how steep the descent is.

Happily lying in the bassinet

Close up view of him in the bassinet.


  1. So sweet! He looks like he enjoyed his first airplane trip!

  2. yay! You guys survived the first trip with him! Now you can bring him all around on vacations too! :) He's so adorable!