Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ayden in SG

The above is my favourite photo of Ayden and me. Thank you Yiyi Fiona for helping us capture this beautiful pic!

Ayden got to meet lots of relatives, uncles and aunties in Singapore. Before going to SG, we were quite worried about how Ayden will behave in front of so many "strangers" as he has not seen them before. It turned out that he is very playful and enjoys playing with any "stranger" :)

Vin and I are keen to develop Ayden to be a sociable boy. I guess the key is to bring him out more often and to allow him to have lots of chances to interact with others.

Ayden all dressed up to go out. Love his cute shorts!

Ayden playing with Yiyi.

Another happy shot of Ayden and Yiyi.

Ayden looking serious :p

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  1. Nooo. he doesn't look serious in his last photo. The picture on his shirt does look like it is separated from his shirt.