Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ayden and his First Cup

Ayden is going to move to another phase soon - starting solids. Although he still has to wait a couple more months, we have recently bought him his first cup, first bowl and first spoon for him to play with.

At 3 months, he started rejecting the bottle and will only take small amounts of milk from it when he is starving. So, I thought of letting him start the cup to see if he prefers it. Everyday, I will put plain water into the cup and let him play with it. At least, he bothers to put the cup into his mouth, as opposed to a bottle. But of course, he has never sucked anything from it yet.

Ayden playing with his cup. He has recently dropped a lot of hair :( We are still debating whether to shave him bald.

Opening his mouth wide... For the cup? :)

Putting the cup into his mouth...

He looks so long in this photo!

Happy with his cup :)

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