Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ayden's Tummy Time (3rd Month)

From time to time, we will put Ayden on his tummy to exercise his arms and neck. The first time we did it, his head was lying on the bed, then as time goes by, he can slowly lift his head and now, he can lift his head upright. The first few times, he had both his hands held straight by his sides to give him the lift and he looked so funny! Like a seal haha. So, I put his arms in front of him to teach him to use his arms to support himself.

This tummy time has another use. We will put him in this position every time we clean his neck. His neck has too many folds and it's impossible to clean when he's lying on his back.

It's not easy to get clear shots of him on his tummy as his hands and legs are always moving about.

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