Friday, 23 April 2010

First Month Milestones

Today is Ayden's first month, according to the lunar calendar. Hence, we decided to check his development progress milestones. According to a book, at the end of first month, a baby can focus on your face and when turned on his stomach, he can lift his head briefly.

Well, Ayden can already focus on our faces, so we wanted to try out whether he can lift his head briefly while on his stomach.

This is the first time we placed him on his stomach. Haha... He's orientating himself. He got a funny hair day though :p

Enjoying his face down moments!

Got tired of trying to move around...

After our experiment, we concluded that yes, he can indeed lift his head briefly. However, we were unable to capture the shots. Ayden is also able to smile to himself when he's contented, usually when he's just finished his meal and in a drowsy state. There was only once when I heard him laugh out loud! He was asleep then, probably dreaming of a place full of milk :p

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