Friday, 23 April 2010

Ayden and his Swaddle

Most newborns love to be swaddled as swaddling gives them a sense of security, like the tight constraints in a mother's womb. However, we are always of the impression that Ayden dislikes being swaddled. When we swaddle him, he will make some cries and move his arms furiously. After he is swaddled, he will try ways and means to remove his arms. Hence, we don't really practice swaddling.

Until one day, I read that newborns do not know how to go to sleep themselves. Meaning, even if they are very tired, they don't know how to go to dreamland by themselves. They need help from us, like petting them, rocking them etc. And one of the ways is to swaddle them. Besides giving them a sense of security, it prevents their movements from waking them up. Newborns have not totally gained control of their body, hence they may have some spontaneous movements and these may wake them up.

Ayden is about the length of a pillow.

Ayden soundly asleep in his swaddle.

Ayden trying out the taste of his swaddle...

Still licking his swaddle!

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