Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ayden and his Lovey

We went to get a cute little lovey for Ayden. We are supposed to get at least get 2 so that we can interchange and wash them. However, I wanted Ayden to try the lovey first to see if he likes it before we get another one. It is quite expensive!

The lovey is a very soft sleeping bear. Anyone looking at it will bound to fall asleep within minutes. As for Ayden, of course it didn't work out that way! But at least, it is a safe sleeping toy.

Ayden and his first lovey!

Playing with his lovey.

Attacking his lovey!

Asleep clutching his lovey :p

Looks so angelic!

Hee... Ayden with Ah Ma and second lovey. This is more colourful with his favourite elephant in red!

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