Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ayden's Favourite Spot

When Ayden is not sleeping, we will bring him to the living room. He can sit on his swing or we will carry him while watching TV. He's always attracted to the TV but of course, we don't let him watch it. So we will always carry him in such a way that he faces the bar counter (opposite from the TV) instead. We soon noticed that he loves looking at the bar counter and found that it is because the bar counter is reflective and he can see the TV blurry images and colour from there!

Nowadays, he likes to be in a sit up position, rather than in a lying down position. I guess it is because the view point is different. Guess his favourite sitting place?... On the sofa, in front of the TV! :) Just like many of us!

This morning, I placed him on the sofa, lying down but propped up with the sofa cushions. I also wrapped a blanket around him as it was a bit chilly. He was happily kicking away. He even managed to kick off the blanket and it dropped on the floor. He immediately gave a short cry to let me know that his blanket has dropped and asked me to pick it up for him!

Another view of Ayden on the sofa. He looks older than his two months in this pic.

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